Ultimate Agro delivers high-quality produce to markets across the globe through a vast production, processing, and distribution network. We are able to add value into the agriculture supply chain through a keen interest in the needs of our customers, implementing international standards for quality, and valuing the relationships with the farmers we depend upon.

From growing rice, wheat, sugercane, and vegetables, to processing, distributing and the trade of high quality foodstuffs across sub-Saharan Africa, Ultimate Agro’s values are the delight of our customers and the driving force of our competitive advantage.



From growing and processing, to packaging and the distribution of our goods to marketplaces across the world, Ultimate Agro’s entire operation revolves around precision selection, state of the art preservation, and distribution of the highest quality products


Sustainability encompasses not only the environment and development of communities we work with, but also our business relationships and the minds of people, and responsible transportation of our products as they move to marketplaces.


The quality products we consistently deliver are only made possible by the people we around us. We know the human component and their contribution is the most important ingredient in our success, and we delight in enriching the lives of our Agro family and partners.


Ultimate Agro


Our lineup of grains, produce, and vegetables and other goods are the highest quality available in the market as we are committed to delivering the best, by working with the best growers, using the best seeds, soil, supplements, and attitude.


At Ultimate Agro, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility goes far beyond just managing and avoiding risk in our business. Continuously guided by our own ethics, we are driven to run our operations in the most sustainable, honest and safe way with the following practices in place. Respecting the business environment of our employees, customers and suppliers. Maintaining a sustainable position for social,economic and environmental issues.

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Ultimate Agro is committed to delivering quality agricultural produce and products across sub-Saharan Africa.

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