Ultimate Agro’s focus strengthening communities means we cultivate, process, and dstribute sugar locally. From cultivation to processing, we use modern processing and refining facilities to carry out the work of extracting high quality refined sugar from the raw cane.

Ultimate Agro strives to maintain the safest and most modern sugar processing facilities in sub-Saharan Africa and continuously seeks excellence in order to reach its goals and milestones. While the region produces significant amounts of sugar, it lacks the processing capabilities. Ultimate Agro has invested in modern facilities to keep the raw cane in the communities. It takes a number of steps to turn sugarcane into refined white sugar. Harvested sugarcane must be processed within 36 hours otherwise the weight of the canes deteriorate. Once the sugarcane is transported to the mill, it is crushed, a process that breaks the fibrous cane stalks apart, causing the juice cells within the stalks to bursts. Then impurities are removed from the juice through a process that involves adding lime and heat. The purified juice is then concentrated by boiling under a vacuum into a syrup.

Once mixed, the syrup is put through a centrifuge and melted into a liquor. The liquor undergoes further clarification and is then passed through activated carbon to remove organic and other residual material. Next, excess water is removed by an evaporation chamber and passed through a UV light sterilizer. Finally, the liquid is crystallized, spun through a final centrifuge and dried.

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