To become the leading agricultural business within Sub Saharan Africa, focusing on ‘farm to fork’ cultivation, processing, and distribution.


  • To produce fresh, high quality ‘home grown’ produce.
  • To offer the highest standards in agri-farming production,processing and distribution.
  • To practice sustainable farming methods for environmental efficiency.
  • To increase food security and self-sufficiency in sub-Saharan Africa.

Corporate Values


We believe that success in today’s world requires believing in something and sticking to it no matter the cost. We believe in sustainability, security, and partnerships built upon mutual trust.


We demand excellence and hold our directors, staff, and partners to account. As we strive to deliver excellence, we revise our tools of measurement and benchmark performance. , and hold ourselves accountable for our work. This keeps us reliable and committed, with clear expectations.


Our work moves us to do great things, because we believe that the end is justified, and we love the means. Our passion to excel and surpass our competition is a driving force that keeps us motivated.

Team work

We are a diverse global team of experts united by a cause. We believe in a common goal: to ensure the sustained development of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, and to deliver the highest quality agriculture produce and products.


At Ultimate Agro, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility goes far beyond just managing and avoiding risk in our business. Continuously guided by our own ethics, we are driven to run our operations in the most sustainable, honest and safe way.

By respecting the business environment of our suppliers and customers, we are able to add value to the communities we serve through empowering and nourishing them along the way. As we maintain a focus on sustainable development, we position ourselves with partnering farms as consultants, dedicated to increasing yield, profits, and growing the market for their goods.

We take a keen interest in a keeping the environment clean and safe for future generations. Compelled by our deep understanding of the impact of climate change, we educate and partner with growers and farmers that utilize the most sustainable methods and fertilizers. We are transforming the landscape and people into an empowered and self-sustaining force for good.