Sub Saharan Africa is the world’s second largest consumer of wheat, which is why our wheat milling operations are located here. Ultimate Agro uses state-of-the-art facilities to mill the wheat grown locally by our network of trusted farmers, which allows us to pass on the cost-savings to our customers.

Flour milling in Africa today is an automated and efficient industry. Our modern mills function as continuous-flow operations throughout the year. When the wheat arrives at our mills from the farm, it is weighed, and tested for things like protein, moisture and hardness. After it’s been cleaned, we condition it to toughen the outside part of the wheat and soften the inside. The wheat is then milled through our mechanical steel roller system, which breaks open the grain and releases the white flour, while the bran is treated separately. The flour is then ground up and sieved. After the flour has been milled it’s packed into bags and stored in our safe and secure storage centers. Wheat is one of the cheapest food sources on the market, but its storage and preservation in Africa is often a challenge. Ultimate Agro’s expert consultants provide essential support, training, and infrastructure to ensure wheat’s protection before and after the wheat is milled and processed.

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