Powdered milk plays a vital role in domestic consumption, as well as in industrial food applications. Ultimate Agro trades this precious commodity on the international market.

Powdered milk, also known as dried milk, is a dairy product manufactured from evaporated milk until a powder is left. By drying the milk, it becomes easier to preserve, transport, and store, without refrigeration. In the powdered form, the milk has a more potent nature and comes into use for industrial preparation of foodstuffs like candies, chocolates, and cereals. Whole milk powder is a precious commodity around the developing world. Consumption of milk powder is expected to grow steadily with population increase and an informed populace that seeks sources of protien and other health benefits associated with the commodity. Ultimate Agro trades in quality assured powdered milk on the international commodities market. Connecting buyers and sellers of this important ingredient is a specialty of our group expertise.

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