Sesame seed is a widely utilized and consumed seed throughout the world. As scientific research unveils new health benefits and industrial uses for the byproducts, consumption is steadily growing.

Sesame seed is a common ingredient in many foods and baked goods. It is widely consumed across the globe in local cuisine and as an added ingredient in processed foods. Its health benefits as well as unique flavor make it a natural additive in many foods. Besides use in food, sesame seed produces oil and other valuable byproducts. Sesame seed is used as an ingredient in cosmetics, medicine, and soap products. The lower grade oil plays an essential role in making paint, lubricants, and even in oils burned for illumination. Ultimate Agro trades high quality bulk Sesame Seed in its raw form on the international market. Our stock is sourced locally, graded, and stored in modern facilities. We provide international traders and end users with product they can depend upon.

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