Soya Bean is a heavily consumed commodity with use in many human and animal foods, health and beauty products , with vast industrial applications. The versatility of the bean’s byproducts make it a beneficial and profitable item for trade on the internati

Soya bean is used less for human consumption and more for other uses across the world. Though there is a growing market for tofu, soya milk and other soya food products, it is still used more heavily in the agro and industrial setting as active ingredients. In the animal and livestock feed sector, soya bean plays a massive role. The majority of animal feed is comprised of soya meal. As human consumption of meet and dairy grows globally, so does demand of soya meal to feed livestock. Industrial use of soya bean is also an important sector as it surpasses human consumption in terms of market share. Industrially, soya bean is used in plastics, industrial cleaners, solvents, and paints. Ultimate Agro trades high quality soya bean on the international market for use in all its forms. We source and supply soya bean grown in sub-Saharan Africa that is stored at modern warehouses.

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