Processing oil palm trees for edible oil is an age-old practice in Africa, but has traditionally been done inefficiently. At Ultimate Agro, we are committed to expanding sustainable production of palm oil by working with highly-skilled processors and utilizing advanced palm oil processing equipment and techniques to produce a robust yield of high quality oil for the regional and international edible oil trade.

The oil palm produces the highest yield of any oil plant while using the least amount of land. The high land efficiency of oil palms means this plant plays a major role in meeting the growing global demand for vegetable oils. Ultimate Agro’s palm oil processing involves five key stages. First, our palm bunch threshing machines quickly and effectively remove the fresh fruit from the bunches and sterilize the fruit, which weakens the pulp structure. The soft pulp is then passed through our digesters – advanced machines that release the fruit’s palm oil – and then through a series of mechanical presses, where the oil is extracted. Finally, the oil is purified via a clarifier, which separates the oil from its impurities. The crude oil is then dried and stored in our secure storage containers and are prepared for export.

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