Wheat is fast becoming a regular part of the average African’s daily diet. Africa’s population increased by a third in little more than a decade and remains the fastest growing population on earth. Wheat’s ability to be packaged, stored, and easily cook in a multitude of ways makes it a perfect addition to the African agriculture agenda.

The climate of sub-Saharan Africa is conducive to growing rice. The favorable temperatures, rich soil and plentiful rain make for ideal conditions for high yield harvests. Ultimate Agro has had great success in convincing growers to switch to rice. As consumer habits have changed to incorporate the nutritious, easy to grow and transport grain, it has become a cash crop for cultivation.

Sub-Saharan Africa has a suitable climate with a rich tradition of farming communities very receptive to wheat cultivation. Africa has been increasingly importing wheat in order to meet demands brought on by a ballooning population, and remains a net importer of wheat. Many other regions of Africa (north, west, and south) are heavily dependent on imports and will remain to be so because they lack favorable climatic conditions to grow significant amounts of wheat locally. Ultimate Agro is aiding local farmers in the cultivation of wheat and supporting growers with access to modern tools and scientifically proven methods to increase yield. By incentivizing partners to grow wheat, Ultimate Agro is able to move toward its vision of helping Africa achieve food security, sustainable development, and a net exporter of food surplus. Every year, Ultimate Agro is able to reach hundreds of farmers, impact thousands of families, and leave its mark on large communities.

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