Rice is a regular on the African menu. Peoples across Africa have come to depend upon rice for its easy storage ability and essential vitamins, calories, and fats to feed their families. Ultimate provides consumers high-quality converted rice infused with

Ultimate Agro provides rice for retail, wholesale, and commercial customers. Our Jasmine rice is infused with the nutrients that can be lost during processing and milling so that the final product is as nourishing as it is meant to be. Our Jasmine is a long, aromatic strain of rice preferred for consumption due to its qualities to enhance the experience with its own pleasant smell and slightly sweet flavor. As Africa’s population is expected to grow by 1.3 billion people over the next 30 years, Ultimate Agro will be there to meet the needs of a growing populace and the demands of an empowered middleclass with high quality rice. We provide our high quality rice in resilient packaging designed to meet the challenges of the African market. As we strive to meet demand with local supply, bolster rice farmers, and enrich the lives of our delighted customers, we fulfill the vision our founders to make a difference.

Over 50% of rice is imported into Africa to meet consumption demands. Ultimate Agro produces rice produces and processes rice locally to empower the people with food security, jobs, and rice that feeds the community.

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