Ultimate Agro has invested a great deal in the communities it serves. Our modern rice processing and milling facilities are built by international experts to deliver our promise of quality goods on consumer shelves. These great mills are a source of employment, pride, and joy.

In partnership with Buhler Rice Mills, Ultimate Agro has constructed massive state-of-the-art rice processing and milling facilities to support local growers with an option they can stand behind. Our mills employ the latest standard operating procedures on automated assembly lines. Rice is collected from the farmers and transported to our mills. Thereafter, our trained workforce begins to put the process in motion by weighing and separating the harvest. After pre-cleaning and drying, the rice moves through our mill along a scientifically designed process to clean, hull, and whiten the rice. The cleaning process is infamous for removing the husk, known to contain the majority of nutritional value. However, Ultimate Agro’s mills infuse the rice with any lost vitamins, creating a converted and healthy product. Our commitment to quality foodstuffs drives us to establish the best international practices.

Our milling facilities are equipped with weighing and packaging stations. Upon being graded and optically sorted, the rice is prepared for transport, distribution, and trade.

White rice is a staple for more than half of the world's population. Nearly 4 billion people are dependent on rice for at least 20% of their daily caloric intake.

White rice is the final form of processed and milled rice. Modern facilities are required in order to produce highly nutritious and tasty rice. Ultimate Agro has invested in the well-being of communities by building facilities that efficiently and safely process raw rice into the pearly white grains we all love. We are committed to delivering white rice without sacrificing the nutritious qualities of the product or the health of consumers. Nearly 50% of all rice consumed in Africa is imported, despite vast regions having favorable climates for cultivation. This is due in large part to a lack of investment and development of processing mills. Ultimate Agro believes in the rich soil, skilled workforce, and the will of people to prefer locally grown and processed rice. It has therefore been our mission to invest in facilities that rival major rice growing nations in order to meet local demand for rice and export to other net importing markets. Our rice mills employ the latest technology and methods to move the raw rice through the process and proficiently produce the final product. Ultimate Agro prides itself on its initiative to infuse the lost nutrients back into the rice after it is lost in the milling process. Our converted rice has been tested to supply all the nutrients that consumers expect to have from a healthy and nourishing staple.

White rice is a staple for communities and is needed to feed the growing population of Africa. Ultimate Agro will process and mill rice locally to meet the growing demand, contribute to African food security, and achieve a vision of an Africa that exports quality foods.

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